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How to bridge the gap of digital access to real life reward?

Metabay x Tropee

How you can access real-life rewards after purchasing a digital pass on Metabay?

If you’re wondering what it means for a digital pass to have utility, Metabay provides a good example. After purchasing a digital pass on Metabay from a collection launched by your favourite creator, gaining access to physical or real-life rewards is simply the next logical step. The digital pass is the key to redeeming exclusive content and experiences offered by the creator as well as entering an exclusive community. 

Metabay works with creators to define the perks that are relevant for their communities. This means that the rewards you can access are not only aligned with the creators’ passions, but also the communities’ interests. Our digital passes are first-of-their-kind; all rewards and levels of interaction you can have with the creators are chosen in partnership with them and there is no limit to the number of benefits for their communities. 

Some examples of physical rewards include real-life events and physical merchandise only for digital pass holders. For instance, supermodel Bella Hadid’s digital passes will grant holders access to meet-and-greets with her in future. Similarly, you could stand a chance to meet your favourite creators and connect with them directly if they offer this utility with their digital passes.

Metabay digital passes supercharged with experiences by Tropee

Partnering with Tropee, we build exclusive experiences and real-life rewards for digital pass holders. Some of the perks include event tickets, promo-codes, merch, exclusive streams, raffles, and more. Tropee is the platform that turns Metabay’s digital pass utility into unique experiences.

The platform simplifies creating NFT utilities for creators with its no-code platform, customisable templates, and frictionless experience that requires creators to simply target an NFT collection to start creating utilities. A central dashboard gives creators an overview of real-time claims data showing which utilities have been claimed and by whom.

Together with creators, we co-create the perks tailored to their universe and their communities. For example, if the creator is a singer, you could redeem tickets to concerts or physical merch. If they’re a chef, they could offer utilities like an exclusive recipe or an invitation to a gastronomic dinner.

Metabay x Tropee utilities for creators
Metabay x Tropee utilities for creators

Redeem your rewards in a few simple steps

Tropee serves as a portal that holds the utility of your digital pass in one place. It’s also where pass holders can redeem their rewards after Tropee has verified their eligibility. 

To access your rewards, simply log into the dedicated Tropee portal we will provide, connect your wallet containing your Metabay digital pass, which will be detected, and follow the instructions to claim your utility. 

Utility dashboard
Utility dashboard

Connect with your favorite creator

Through digital passes, Metabay offers the opportunity for you to connect with your favorite creator on a deeper level. Whether it’s a dedicated group chat, video call, or physical meet-and-greets, creators can decide which utility they want to offer along with the digital passes they issue on Metabay.

The digital passes give you exclusive access to creators that only you and other members of their communities can have. Purchasing a digital pass on Metabay is as easy as ABC. All you have to do is simply select "buy pass" and you will be redirected to the checkout page which is firmly secured. You can complete the transaction using a credit/debit card or crypto and receive your pass within 30 seconds.

After being the proud owner of your favorite content creator’s digital pass, you'll receive a link to access his dedicated telegram group chat and other perks, depending on the rarity tier of your pass!

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