Earn revenue, increase visibility, and get closer to your community

We provide your community with benefits, through 1,000 digital pass. Join hundreds of creators.

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Earn revenue and passive income

Instant revenue

Once you sell your NFTs that allow the community to connect, you instantly generate significant revenue

Lifetime passive income

On all the transaction of your NFT that is traded, you earn royalties. The more value you provide to the community, the more transactions there will be.

Provide value to the community

Rewards from your universe

We define together with you the perks for the community based on your own universe and passions, it can be anything from a group chat with the 1,000 holders to physical rewards (clothing, etc)

An offering tailored to your audience

You are promoting your content and your universe. Which is the reason why community is following you. The offering is 100% relevant for your community

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Grow your audience

Increase sponsorship opportunities

Launching your own NFTs will give brands more partnership and collaboration opportunities with you. With a strong community behind you, you’ll be able to increase your sponsorship revenue.

You gain exposure

On top of being promoted on our channels, your NFT will also be traded on the NFT marketplaces and you will increase your visibility.

We promote you and the NFTs

Once you collaborate, we invest in marketing to promote you and your NFTs to a look-alike audience growing your social media.

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